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At Sunbiz Auto Tech Inc., we believe in providing exceptional service regardless of what may be affecting your automotive. We have dedicated more than 25 years and plenty of resources to outfitting our shop with the equipment and specialists necessary to handle any issue your vehicle may be having in a professional manner that leaves your vehicle running as smoothly as the day you drove it off the lot.

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  • Customers First: You always come first at Sunbiz auto. We take your schedule and your wallet into account when we begin a project, and try to perform without compromising either of those. We also put your safety first by not stopping until the job is done properly.
  • Flexibility: Some shops focus on specialized services. We believe in being flexible. We can tackle just about anything that goes wrong with your car, and we can do it in record time.
  • Dedication: As new makes and models flood the market, and new technology is released, we are constantly updating our education and work standards to ensure that we can handle anything you throw at us.

Pro Margate Auto Repair

Our list of services is among the most complete service offerings possible in the automotive industry. We are a professional Margate auto repair shop with the technological know-how and years of professional experience to diagnose and repair anything from complex engine problems to a simple electrical or fluid issue that requires minutes to repair.

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Engine Services

The engine of your vehicle is probably the most complex component, and when something goes wrong with it, even a slight knocking noise can ultimately end up causing astronomical amounts of damage. So, it is important to let the pros take a look whenever you think something may be off.

Auto Electrician

Electricity issues with your automobile often go beyond a dead battery. Maybe you are noticing a clicking noise when starting your car, or perhaps your car is not starting on the first try. Issues that may begin as slight annoyances can quickly turn into something more serious.


Transmission repairs make up a lot of the work we do here at Sunbiz Auto Tech Inc., and they are definitely tasks that you should only trust to a reputable repair service such as our own. They are complex, costly, and dangerous when done improperly. Here at Sunbiz Auto Tech Inc.

A/C Services

Performance evaluation Environmentally safe evacuation and recovery of old refrigerant and recharge to proper specifications+ Inspection and adjustment of drive belt tension Cleaning of dirt and debris from condenser fins

We Plug Tires

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Towing service


At Sunbiz Auto, we provide the finest towing services in Margate, FL to companies and individuals from around the surrounding area. We utilize the latest towing technology and extensive knowledge of the area to quickly and safely remove unwanted vehicles from restricted spots,

Brake Repair

Quite possibly the most important feature on your vehicle is its braking system. You should take preventative measures to ensure that your brakes are constantly working properly, primarily by visiting your local auto mechanic for a yearly checkup. However, life happens – even when you are following all

General Maintenance

Performing general maintenance not only keeps your vehicle running how it is supposed to and at its most comfortable, but it also reduces the need for long-term repairs and saves you thousands in repair costs. Having your vehicle routinely maintained by professionals is an important part of taking care of it so it lasts for years.

General Repair

Our general repair services cover everything outside of the engine and transmission systems. These are things such as brake, AC, and computer repairs that are important for you to be comfortable and safe in your vehicle, but they are not nearly as specialized as engine and transmission work.

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Most importantly, at Sunbiz Auto Tech Inc., we put you first. We perform all our repairs with a high level of respect for your time and responsibilities, and pay extra attention to ensuring that your vehicle is properly maintained and won’t cause any problems in the near future. Being a reliable auto repair shop, we want you, our customer, to trust us to not just slap a Band-Aid on your vehicle’s most obvious problems, but to fully repair it and ensure its reliability for the foreseeable future.

If you are in the Margate, Florida area, and your car is experiencing issues, don’t settle for subpar service or ignoring the issue; come on by Sunbiz Automotive, and let us get your ride running smoothly again!

We accept walk-ins and scheduled appointments.

If you are looking for professional mechanics in Margate, get in touch with us today! We offer our reliable services in Coconut Creek, North Lauderdale, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Parkland, and Pompano Beach.

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We want to ensure that your vehicle can leave our shop like the day you bought it, without having to get help from a secondary service provider. Here are the different services we provide:


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