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A vehicle’s air conditioning system can be one of its most overlooked components. But this is Florida weather, and we know that there are days when rolling all of the windows down just won’t cut it. AC systems tend to get worn down on a gradual basis, so a routine checkup is ideal. Our trained experts will examine the AC system in your vehicle to determine if a leak is present, or if there may be another issue that is preventing optimal performance. Common issues include loose fittings, malfunctioning O-rings, and worn out seals and hoses.

Your AC System Might be Failing - How Serious Is It?

There are various symptoms to be aware of when determining if your auto AC needs some repairs. Perhaps you’re experiencing weak airflow, which can actually be caused by mold and mildew, among other things. Another common complaint is a foul odor, which many car owners liken to sweaty or stale clothes. This means that your cabin air filter needs a thorough cleaning, or it may need to be replaced entirely. Regular maintenance on your air filter not only keeps your AC system running like a charm; it also reduces your fuel consumption.

You might also notice water stains on your mat, a clear-cut sign that your dashboard is probably leaking. This usually occurs due to a clogged hose. Alternatively, you may have felt that the air simply isn’t as cold anymore. This can be particularly frustrating for drivers and passengers alike.

Each of these common issues could point to a smaller maintenance project or a much larger repair, so it’s important that you bring your vehicle over to your local auto mechanic immediately. Our auto repair shop has the tools, and our experts have the skills, and experience to get you back into your beautifully air-conditioned car as rapidly as possible.

Performance evaluation

Environmentally safe evacuation and recovery of old refrigerant and recharge to proper specifications+

Inspection and adjustment of drive belt tension

Cleaning of dirt and debris from condenser fins

Outlet temperature analysis to determine cooling performance

Check of proper operation of controls, blower motor and engine cooling fan

Introduction of ultraviolet dye and 5 oz. of refrigerant injected into your AC system to perform a black light inspection and ensure it is leak free

Refrigerant injection provides enough pressure to course through the air conditioner system and expose leak points

If the system is empty, test may require up to 5 oz. of refrigerant Expires

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